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Enter Scanner Data
Quick Start
  1. Use the appropriate driver available on the Instructions Page to generate a laser scan file
    [Note: if you already have a Velodyne (.pcap) or ROSBAG (.bag) file, you may skip to Step 3].

  2. Generate a Velodyne (.pcap) or ROSBAG (.bag) file from a Velodyne Laser Scanner using the driver from Step 1.

  3. Fill out the form on this page, and attach the laser scan file, then click "UPLOAD". Please ensure that the file upload has completed before closing this tab.

  4. Kaarta will process your data, create a 3D model, and email you a download link.

  5. Please note that processing time during holidays and weekends might be slower than during the standard work week. For more information, please visit the Instructions Page.
    For some examples, please visit the Examples Page